Friday, 21 May 2010

Choose Refurbishment and Regain Your Competitive Edge

OK, I am not going to labour the point, we are all well aware of the current economic climate and the challenges associated with this, including a reduction, if not in most cases a freeze on capital expenditure for many organisations. As competition increases and profit margins dwindle it is becoming ever more important to discover new ways of increasing productivity whilst reducing running costs.

There was a time (not so long ago), that investment in newer, faster, leaner plant and equipment would provide the edge over competitors. Unfortunately that option is currently not available to many. So why not therefore consider refurbishment?

Machinery refurbishment provides you with the opportunity to reinstate your existing equipment to its full operating potential, usually at a fraction of the cost of buying new or even second hand. Additionally, by including modifications to your machinery during the refurbishment program you can improve output efficiency whilst reducing your running costs and even your environmental impact.

If for example you have a machine that uses DC motor drives, a change to a compatible inverter drive system would reduce your electricity consumption, reduce noise levels and reduce the level of necessary planned maintenance, which in turn will increase up time.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking to improve your output and reduce your costs to remain competitive in a difficult market then refurbishment of your existing equipment has to be a consideration. And what’s more, you already own it!

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