Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Time to Diversify

It has been said many times before but there is no better time than the present for the commercial printer to consider the potential benefits that diversifying your existing post print service offering could bring.

Targeted mailing is a fundamental example of a value added offering that if included in your product/service portfolio can bring much needed additional revenue.

If you are printing digitally then it is likely you can already personalise your product, so why not offer to mail it as well? There is a growing market for small to medium run targeted mail campaigns and in comparison to most graphic arts equipment the outlay for entry level mailing equipment may not be as expensive as you think.

Envelope enclosing, polythene wrapping, product attaching and folder/gluing are all methods used for targeted and direct mailing campaigns. All can be achieved relatively cheaply allowing you to expand your revenue streams for relatively small initial investment.

Purchasing entry level envelope enclosing and polythene wrapping machinery for short run mailing work can, in some cases can be achieved for less than £5k rising to sub £30k for larger volumes and greater flexibility.

Adding gluing equipment to existing folding machinery allows you to produce a number of one piece mailer products in house.

At Tecnico our background is your background, we specialise in assisting clients looking to diversify on a budget. Some examples of recent projects include;

Commercial litho printer used us to retro fit brand new cold glue and remoist applications to an existing MBO folding machine. This enabled them to fulfil a contact for a folded/glued product they would not have even got the print contract for if they could not do the finishing in house.

Trade print finishing company that contracted us to integrate a system for tipping on and applying a number of products to an existing client’s campaign including vouchers, credit cards and CD’s, adding value to their client’s product as well as their own revenue stream.

A small digital print company that purchased with our support a used Buhrs enclosing machine allowing them to bring a £50k per month mailing contract in house which greatly improved their net margin on the contract.

Are you thinking of bringing a post press or mailing application in house but need the confidence of specialised support and guidance but without the cost? Why not give us a call, it costs nothing to talk and not as much as you might think to diversify!


  1. Ohh thanks a lots for sharing this recap here. I really enjoyed reading it. Please describe something about
    Buhrs Mailing Equipment


  2. Buhrs BB300 mailing machinery can enclose envelope sizes including C6, DL, C5 and C4. Usually supplied with between 4 and 12 insert feeders items can be enclosed at speeds up to 10,000 cph depending on model. A refurbished BB300 is great value for money for anyone considering an entry level enclosing machine.